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100 Years of Solitude is still lying on my desk with 15 pages to go. I was thinking today, what is really going to change once I get to the end of the book? Will I really have understood/enjoyed it any more than I have so far? At the moment I don't feel like I have the right to claim to have read the book, but should I be able to do so once I've read those last few pages? I don't think so.

Meanwhile, I read Zoe Heller's debut novel, Everything You Know. I had enjoyed Notes on a Scandal last year, thought it was neatly written and rather insightful, but unfortunately can't say the same about Everything You Know. She's obviously very good at writing dialogue and semi-trashy prose, but the whole set-up in this book seemed pointless, and, apart from the question of whether Willy actually killed his wife or not which is of course never resolved, generally not that interesting. It was also based around one of my least favourite types of hero - an old, sick, ugly, disgusting man who somehow manages to shag loads of young, pretty, sexy, horny women who just can't get enough of him. I can't explain why, but as I read this book I had a weird deja-vu - something to do with the atmosphere - of Chuck Palahniuk's Choke, which I inexplicably abhorred (inexplicably, not because it's a work of genius or anything, but because I do love my Irvine Welsh).

To continue with this mood of filth and debauchery, I picked up Less Than Zero (Bret Easton Ellis) on Oli's recommendation, which he presented as an introduction/taster (being his first book [?]) of Ellis's major themes (indiscriminate shagging, kids stealing drugs of their parents, and other existential crises of the amoral soul), which would give me an idea of whether I was willing/able to progress to the more hardcore American Psycho.

I've already mentioned five books in this one post alone so I better wait until another day to tell you what books I bought, especially as I'm not reading them at the moment (they're just lying on my work desk, just about the only appealing items on it actually) and it's about time someone other than me posted here.
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